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Diamonds Forevs | Unique Wearable Must Haves for Kids





Welcome to Diamonds Forevs.

I hope you enjoy my whimsical and shiny must haves.

My pieces are one of a kind and I look forward to making your day one shade brighter.



My accessories are curated with care, love and special attention to detail.  I only use the finest crystals, locally sourced fabrics and small family owned local vendors.  Accessories include : hair crowns * crystal belts and sashes * elastic headbands * pocket squares * bow ties

Doll Stuff

Doll capelet

Doll Capelets are so special and unique.  We can make you a Doll Size capelet to match you.  All Doll capelets are made to order.

Girls Capelets


Diamonds Forevs ethereal and whimsical capelets are perfect for flight or fancy.  Like most super heroes and heroines, capes are worn for power and yes they do look oh so fancy too!  All my capelets are great for birthdays, flower girls, dance recitals, religious ceremonies and for plain old fun.  They are one size fits all and can be worn from age 2-14.





Wife.  Mother of two gems.  Obsessed with Diamonds.  Materials & Colors I Love…. Diamonds, Sequins, Pearls, Fur, Glitter, Wood, Flowers,  Silks, Leather, Rose Gold, White and Grey.

Creative force behind Diamonds Forevs , my line of hand crafted luxury must haves such as Capelets, Hair Crowns, Crystal Belts, Dancewear and other fancy wearables for the whole family.

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