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Doll Size Capelets | Diamonds Forevs

Doll Size Capelets

Welcome to Diamonds Forevs! This week we are knee deep in creating Frozen inspired Girls and Doll Capelets. Yes even Miss. Elsa herself would wrap these shimmery and glistening capelets around her and would dress her favorite fearless Doll in it too!  If you are wondering how this all started, here is my story….

It all started with that big Red GIANT enormous shopping bag that you see all over the Grove.  American Girl!!!!  Yes I, well we, my husband and I, gave in one day and bought our little girl one of these dolls, among some other things too.  Of course you cannot buy all the accessories that come with Rebecca, Molly or Saige, unless you are totally crazy, but you sure can make stuff for your little doll and little girl and that is how we started all of this.  With my apparel design experience and my love for dolls and my daughter, I decided to collaborate all these interests and create a line of my very own, Diamonds Forevs.  All my capelets and accessories incorporate a swarovski crystal!

Here are some pics of some doll capelets…

Elsa2 Elsa1 dollstuff


Standby, next week the Girl size capelets will arrive!  You can also visit my shop on etsy to see the current line and for any custom orders as well.

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