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Sunday Funday here at Diamonds Forevs! The girl and I were bored out of our tutus so we decided to gather around all the diamonds we could find and BLOG here at Diamonds Forevs Studio.  


We put on our thinking diamond tiaras and we decided to build a Rainbow Slice of Pizza.  We found red, orange, gold, green, turq and purple.  The Girl was hard at work…


The Girl decided to build it all by herself,  without me.


Best of all, this is one project that was so easy to clean up!! We left it in the kitchen so when the boys get home, they would not believe their eyes.  This slice of pizza will be here forevs.

Diamonds Pizza


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The Fashion Girls Who Make Trouble by Natalia D. http://diamondsforevs.com/2014/07/the-fashion-girls-who-make-trouble-by-natalia-d/ http://diamondsforevs.com/2014/07/the-fashion-girls-who-make-trouble-by-natalia-d/#respond Fri, 04 Jul 2014 17:32:16 +0000 http://diamondsforevs.com/?p=85 Fashion Girl

Welcome to the trouble makers! These Barbies are up to no good.  They are actually flower girls that have flowers that cause trouble.  They eat stuff that makes them cookoo.  First, let me introduce these girls.  From left to right: First girl at left is Marry, she is actually the bride. Then comes, Glitter, she has her own blog called, “There’s no substitute for glitter.”Then comes Rapunzel, from the movie “Tangeled.” That girl finally made it out of the tower.  Then comes Vampula, this girl is a vampire. Surprise, surprise.  Next is Anna from “Frozen.” She is happy to have friends.  Kira comes next from “The Princess and the Popstar.”  She loves singing with her bestie Tori, she’s the one all the way at the end.  Tori and Kira share everything.  Right before her is Lucy with the pink hair.  She was born with pink hair!!!!

Make sure you don’t invite them to your wedding …. they are full surprises that you will never forget.

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Hero Factory Warz Pose 1by Elijah David http://diamondsforevs.com/2014/05/hero-factory-warz-pose-1by-elijah-david/ http://diamondsforevs.com/2014/05/hero-factory-warz-pose-1by-elijah-david/#respond Sat, 31 May 2014 21:52:43 +0000 http://diamondsforevs.com/?p=80 Pose 1

Pose 1

Warz is a one of a kind Hero Factory that mixes series 1 through 3 plus a Chima Hero Factory.  He has wrist held blades and a jet pack.  Warz can transport himself from one planet to  another.  Warz has been tested to be indestructible.  He has laser eyes and can predict the future with them.  He is harsh at times but is a great friend.

Watch out.

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